Justin Bieber’s Model Gal Pal Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore is the gorgeous model friend of Justin Bieber. The two were spotted recently sparking rumors of a possible couple alert? Let’s check her out.

The pair were spotted on a friendly and apparently ‘not romantic’ (there was no kissing or holding hands involved) hiking session.

The brown eyed gal and Bieber actually have history. They have known each other for a few now so they might really just be friends.

The first time we saw Justin and Ashley together was when they were out on a lunch date in Beverly Hills back in 2013. But Ashley was also linked with Bieber’s good friend and rapper Lil Twist and the three were seen together grabbing lunch.


Back in 2015 the two were pictured attending a Clippers game and Justin was caught sitting on Ashely’s lap. At the time Ashley Moore became ‘the girl in question’ between him and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Moore was born July 15, 1993. The California native is of African/Caucasian-American ethnicity and has one sister.

She comes from a military family which lead her to moved around a lot. She calls home North Carolina –where she lived the longest, according to itsaoao.com.

Ashley who originally wanted to be an actress got into modeling after she moved to Los Angeles for 3 months in order to break into the business.

The 5’8″ model is currently signed to Nous Model Management. According to her profile her measurements include a 23” waist paired with an equally 34” on her bust and hips.

As for her modeling work, she’s had contracts with the likes of Kohl and GQ magazine. During an interview she revealed she would love to be a Victoria Secret model and is still pursuing acting.

As for her love life, Bieber might not be the one after all, the gorgeous curly-haired brunet was said to be dating the founder of a streetwear line businessman Chris “Drama” Pfaff.

You can follow her on Instagram here.