Julio Acevedo is Brooklyn HIT ad RUN Suspect!

julio acevedo

Nachman and Raizy Glauber, a young couple both 21..They might be names you don’t know but to some they were a special couple, friends to others, a son, a daughter, a sister and sadly a couple whom were soon to be parents but now they never will.

The young and happy couple were looking forward to welcoming their first child into their tight-knit community of Orthodox Jews but their dreams have been silenced and their memories shattered as they were killed in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Sunday, the cause? A car crash that is still under investigation.

Now this might as well be the tragic scene of a movie but sorry to tell you it has transformed into real life events. The Jewish couple hopped into a taxi and were headed to the hospital for what they believed Raizy was experiencing labor pains little did they knew that would be their last few minutes together…and why?? Because a BMW was speeding around 12:30 am on Sunday and crashed into the Glauber’s taxi which was near a stop sign…the result? Raizel Glauber was ejected from the cab and her body wound up underneath a parked tractor trailer, husband Nachman also found dead, baby boy was reportedly to have survived but later died due to the fatal injuries. The driver seems to be recovering but doe not remember a thing from the critical moment. But what about the suspect?? He has been identified as Julio Acevedo a 44 year old who accidentally torn the life out of this family leaving their love ones to mourn and a Jewish community looking for justice! Community leader Isaac Abraham thinks Acevedo should be charged for a triple homicide.


Hard stuff to deal with can’t even begin to imagine what their family is going through …Raizy’s brother called her sister “the crown of the family” that along goes to show how much she was loved. Now you would think anyone can have an accident right?? But why to run?? why to hide?? why to avoid your own responsibilities when mistakes are done?? I guess whe can call it human nature…but in Acevedo’s case the reason might be darker than we think…as his own mom stated she has been estranged from her son since he had been in prison in the 1990’s for manslaughter!!!

Think he might be wanting to avoid jail time again!!


Prayer and thoughts for the Jewish community.