Juan Ayala Revealed as Platano Man

Juan Ayala

Juan Ayala is the man who put an end to a catfight that erupted in a crowded NY subway.

According to reports, Ayala –known by his Twitter handle as Platano Man –was traveling on a northbound D train at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday –when a white woman began a racial and physical attack on an Asian woman.

The incident was recorded by Juan Ayala aka Platano Man –which has now gone viral. The footage shows the white woman engaging in a senseless attack against the woman who was sitting next to her –and who was just minding her own business.

The attacker was named by police as Brooklyn resident, Anna Lushchinskaya –who without apparent provocation –repeatedly spitted the F-word at the woman next to her. Video also shows how 40-year-old Anna hit the other woman on the hand, take off her sunglasses, put her hair into a ponytail, pull out an umbrella, and ultimately kicked the woman.

Juan Ayala

When commuters try to intervene, Lushchinskaya lost it and began insulting and shouting at everyone.  She then focuses again on her victim –named as Michelle Tung –and smacks her with the umbrella.

As fellow riders try to stop her, Platano Man successfully grabs Lushchinskaya and holds her on the platform at 36 Street in Sunset Park until the cops arrived and arrested her.

Ayala also felt her anger as he asked her “So you’re just going to pick fights with everybody on the train now?” “Is that what you’re going to do?”

Lushchinskaya spits on him in response and called him Muhammad. To what Ayala replies “B—h, I’m Dominican”

31-year-old Ayala is being called a hero after stopping the woman and waiting for police to arrive.

Juan Ayala happens to be a comedian and radio personality, he is one half of the Juan & Nyle’s Podcast.

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