John Lennon Blood Stained Glasses Photos Tweeted by Wife Joko Ono

John Lennon Blood stained  glasses

I must say that Joko Ono did a phenomenal thing by tweeting the photos of her late husband former Beatles singer John Lennon, and I am not saying because just the thought of seeing this gasses still stained with Lennon’s blood raised the hairs on the back of my neck, but the reason behind it, Gun Control and the million of people who have had their lives cut short by people with gins, Joko’s tweet pic came on the same day that the United States dropped the gun ban that killed 20 innocent children last December at Newtown Hook Elementary School.

This December 8th, will mark John Lennon’s 33th death anniversary, John was fatally shot 4 times in the back  with a 38 special revolver, at approx. 10:50 p.m by the hand of Mark David Chapman, who pleaded guilty to second degree murder and remains in jail after being denied parole seven times.

These days few murderers get to go to prison, many of them cowardly turned the gun they used to take the lives of  their victims on themselves, most of the times these people owned these firearms, there are even times that they bought it specially for the mad purposed to kill.

The world as we see it today is sad is surrounded by war, hate, madness and guns, Yoko Ono is very much aware of this and the way she opened her heart to this sad reality was by  tweeted the photo of John’s bloody glasses with the caption.

@yokoono joko ono twitte john lennon blood stained glasses pic

@yokoono joko ono twitte john lennon blood stained glasses