Joe JoJo Dixon White Widow’ Sally Jones’ son

Joe JoJo Dixon

Joe JoJo Dixon is the son of now deceased mother, Sally Jones a.k.a the white widow and her former husband, Darren Alfred Dixon. Joe is believed to be following on his late mother’s footsteps.

Earlier this year it was revealed Joe’s mother, Sally Jones was killed in June by a US Air Force Predator. Her death had been kept a secret on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears her son, Jojo may also have died. Sources said the attack would have been aborted if it had been known he was close by.

Other sources stated Joe could have also been killed in the attack, possibly due to Jones using him as a human shield.

Before her death his mother recruited dozens of women to the terror group. She was believed to have been living in Raqqa with Jojo and was in charge of training all European female recruits, or “muhajirat.”

Joe JoJo Dixon

She caught attention after she became one of the most wanted female terrorists since fleeing to Iraq and Syria in 2013. Since then she became one of ISIS’ most outspoken supporters.

Sally left her home in Kent to join Isis back in 2013, taking her then seven-year-old son with her. She had originally developed an interest in music.

Joe JoJo Dixon

Joe JoJo Dixon White Widow’ Sally Jones’ son

Jones was married to Junaid Hussain, Joe’s stepfather. His British-Pakistani stepfather, grew up in Birmingham, he was jailed in 2012 for hacking Tony Blair’s accounts and at one point was suspected of being infamous executioner “Jihadi John.”

Sally Jones became a widow and Joe JoJo Dixon lost his stepfather –when in 2015 Hussain was killed alongside two bodyguards in a drone strike on a car in a Raqqa petrol station on August 24, 2015. She had been social media silent following her husband’s death and had remained at large along with her young son.

Now recent reports say, 12-year-old Joe JoJo Dixon not only didn’t die in the drone strike next to his mother back in June this year –but he is also fighting for Isis in Syria.

Syrian sources believe Joe JoJo Dixon escaped death back in June and was 35 miles away in the village of al-Shaafa near Syria’s eastern border with Iraq at the time of the attack. Joe has been in training with ISIS camps allegedly since 2015. JoJo, who was born in Chatham, Kent, is thought to have been radicalized by Syrian fighters who renamed him Hamza Hussain from the age of nine.

Joe has also been used by the evil group in propaganda videos.

According to the Daily Mail, Joe JoJo Dixon’s biological father, Darren is said to be living in Birmingham. Joe also has an older brother named, Jonathan, 21.