Jodi Routh is Chris Kyle’s Killer Eddie Routh’s mother

Jodi Routh is the mother of Eddie Ray Routh is thanking the family of Chris Kyle for trying to help his son, Eddie Routh has been charged with with a capital murder count and two murder counts for the death of Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Jodi Routh Eddie Ray Routh mother pic

Jodi Routh hoped Chris Kyle could help her son 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The trip ended in the tragic death of Kyle one the deadliest and most famous snipers in the Navy and his amazing neighbor Chad Littlefield on February 2nd.

Chris Kyle Chad Littlefield

Eddie Routh is currently on medication and finally agreed to see his family, today it was his mother Jodi and father Raymond who released an statement, expressing their sorrow their son caused to the Kyles and Littlefields as well as thanking Kyle for trying to help her son.

“Raymond and I want to express our deepest condolences to the Kyle and Littlefield families. We are incredibly heartbroken for your loss.

We wish we could thank Chris Kyle for his genuine interest in helping our son overcome his battle with Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder.

We want others with PTSD to know their struggle is recognized and we hope this tragedy will somehow help in getting greater care for and assistance to those in need.

No words can truly express the sorrow we feel for the Kyles and Littlefields, their extended family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.

– The Routh Family”

51-year-old Jodi Leigh Routh was born on October 31, 1961, she and her husband 53-year-old Raymond Ray Routh Sr. born on October 30, 1959, they have two children together 28-year-old Laura Bess Routh (b. October 26, 1984) now married to 29-year-old Gaines A. Blevins known as Laura Blevins  from Midlothian, Texas and son Eddie.