Jo Ann Hinckley John Hinckley’s Mother

Jo Ann Hinckley

Jo Ann Hinckley is the mother of deranged would-be killer, John Hinckley. His name and persona took center stage back in the early 80’s after he tried to kill U.S president Ronald Reagan.

According to recent reports, the son of Jo Ann Hinckley will be release from the psychiatric institution he has been ever since his not guilty verdict.

It was back in March 30, 1981 when Jo Ann Hinckley’s son attempted to assassinate President Reagan, outside a Washington, D.C. hotel.

At the time it was revealed John Hinckley Jr. suffered from depression and obsessive tendencies. Prior to the Reagan failed attack, he began stalking actress Jodie Foster.

He was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and was placed in a mental institution.

It’s been known back in the 70’s, Hinckley developed a fixation on the actress. It was later discovered in his efforts to try and impress Foster –whom he came to know by the 1976 film Taxi Driver –he attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. In his attempt he shot the then newly elected president as he left the Hilton Hotel in D.C. Hinckley was arrested on the spot.


Jo Ann Hinckley gave birth to her son on May 29, 1955 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. She and her husband, John Warnock Hinckley Sr., produced two other children. John Hinckley’s older brother and older sister, Scott and Diane.

Her husband was a wealthy man, Hinckley Sr. was the president of World Vision United States, and Chairman and President of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation.

Their son, was committed to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital after his trial ended in 1982. By the late 1990s, however, his parents claimed that their son had made progress in his recovery. His parents fought for greater freedoms for their son.

Jo Ann’s husband, John W. “Jack” Hinckley died in 2008, aged 86. The couple was married for 61-years.

Jo Ann Hinckley, now a 90-year-old woman, will live with her son after his release in early August. As part of the release plan, there will be numerous restrictions imposed on Hinckley including close monitoring of his movements.

Jo Ann Moore Hinckley, John’s mother, was a homemaker who was in charge of the children at home.

She has spent a large part of the three decades promoting mental-health awareness and aiding in his rehabilitation.

In 2012, the Daily Press reported, it was Jo Ann Hinckley’s support what helped stabilize Hinckley. Over time she has been often present in the courtroom as the hearing proceeds in U.S. District Court in Washington. The article goes on to say, if Jo Ann Hinckley dies soon, then Hinckley most likely would return to St. Elizabeth’s.

Jo Ann Hinckley currently resides in Virginia, her son was declared “clinically ready for full-time convalescent leave” and his depression and psychotic disorder have been in remission for more than 20-years.

Hinckley began visiting his parents’ home in Williamsburg, Virginia, for three-night stretches in 2006, that was increased to 17-days a month over the years.