Jill Scott’s Husband Mike Dobson

Mike Dobson

Mike Dobson is the husband of Grammy Award winner singer and actress, Jill Scott –who made Twitter go wild following a freakish performance.

Mike’s 46-year-old wife is a Philadelphia, PA native who studied education at Temple University and was originally set on becoming a teacher.

She began her music career in 2000 with her first album release Who Is Jill Scott: Words and Sounds Vol. 1. Since, she’s released seven additional albums, with the latest being released earlier this year.

Jill has three Grammys under her belt and has been nominated to at least ten more. The Platinum record-selling R&B singer is known for her soulful lyrics in songs like “Hate on Me” and for her collaborations with Lupe Fiasco, among others.

The musician also acts, and is most known for her appearances in Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too. Scott also keeps busy filming a new version of the First Wives Club.

Mike Dobson

As for her personal life, she is the proud mother of a son named Jeff with her ex-fiancé and drummer John Roberts. In her lifetime, Jill has been married twice, first to Lyzel Williams from 2001 to 2007.

She tied the knot to second hubby, Mike Dobson in 2016. Sadly reports say they split in 2017 and their divorced was finalized in August of 2018.

Jill filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.” The divorce petition also include claims of cruel treatment, infidelity, verbal or physical abuse or sexual impropriety.

According to Scott, 49-year-old Mike Dobson apparently robed from hotels the couple stayed at. In his defense, Mike Dobson told media “She’s an evil woman,” “I’m telling you. It’s like what Jill Scott wants, Jill Scott gets. People are in her ear, and if someone comes in to challenge the dumb s**t, they made me be the bad guy and that got me outta there.”