Jessica Serfaty Ed Westwick’s Girlfriend

Jessica Serfaty

Jessica Serfaty is the stunning girlfriend of Gossip Girl Star, Ed Westwick. The two have been dating for a while but that could soon change.

Jessica’s stud is being accused of one of the worst things a man could do to a woman, rape. The accuser, actress Kristina Cohen made the shocking claims on a Facebook post earlier this week. She states, the British actor sexually assaulted her and raped her at his home three years ago. Ed denies the whole thing.


The 30-year-old actor and musician who came to prominence with his portrayal of Chuck Bass on The CW’s teen television drama series Gossip Girl, made his acting debut in the 2006 film Breaking and Entering. Westwick currently stars in the BBC Comedy “White Gold.”

As for his love life, he previously dated Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr from 2008 to 2010. The actor broke many hearts after it was revealed he was in a relationship with current girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty.

Jessica Serfaty

Born April 4, 1991 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Serfaty is a model and actress and a mother of one. Serfaty is the mother of 9-year-old son Roman –born from her marriage to Ididia Serfaty. She was 17 years old when she tied the knot, after getting pregnant.

Before becoming a social media influencer, she appeared in cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model-where she came in fifth place… At the time she was listed as a stay-at-home mom. Her life changed dramatically after landing a spot in ANTM.

She went from being an Arkansas wife and mom to posting on Instagram about her new jet set lifestyle.

As a model she appeared in a Doritos Super Bowl commercial, while her acting credits include short films called Blood Brothers, Faith, and Axe: Dirtcathlon. She was featured in a segment of the anthology horror film V/H/S: Viral.

Jessica who is of French descent, began dating Westwick in May of 2017. She was previously linked to One Directions’ Niall Horan. Prior to Niall she was romantically linked to Joe Jonas.

Jessica Serfaty

During her romance with Niall –a report surfaced accusing her of ‘abandoning’ her son to pursue her Hollywood dreams. Her ex-hubby revealed he had been taking her of their child back in Arkansas and that she only saw him during summer holydays.

In response, Jessica assured she was involved in her son’s life, saying she sent him books and that she bought the same one in order to read them together on Face Time. Following their divorce the judge gave her the option to return to Arkansas to co-parent or to return to L.A –guess she chose the second option.

Will Jessica Serfaty choose to stay with Ed following the rape claims?

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