Jessica Feshbach Scientology Tommy Davis’ Wife

Jessica Feshbach

Jessica Feshbach is the wife of former chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, Tommy Davis. In recent reports, Jessica’s hubby is being blamed by Mariah Carey of her break up with billionaire, James Packer.

Accoridng to TMZ, Davis was brought by Packer to help regulate wasteful spending. Davis immediately  ID’d gifts to Mariah as prime examples, which didn’t amuse the songstress. She and Packer eventually had a major fight in Greece and decided to call it quits.

Tommy Davis is known for his association to Scientology. He was also a staff member at the Celebrity Center International in the early 1990s. Tommy is known as one of the last officials to do live television on behalf of the church.

He was introduced to Scientology at an early age by his mother, Hollywood actress, Ann Archer. By age 17, he had become a Scientologist. His father, William Davis, is a wealthy real estate investor.

Davis attended Harvard School for Boys in LA, a private Episcopal prep school, and was admitted to Columbia University in 1990.

Having such strong ties to Scientology, it was natural he married someone with the same beliefs.


His wife, Jessica, was born Jessica Feshbach on December 18, 1975. She comes from a wealthy family devoted to Scientology.

Jessica Feshbach joined Scientology at age 19. She held one of the top positions in the church. Jessica worked in the Division of Sea Org as an official within the church. According to online info, her family gave millions of dollars to the organization.

She is the daughter of Lucinda Horn Feshbach and Joseph Feshbach. Her father was a California investor. Jessica has a twin sister named Melissa and an older brother, Kurt.

She was previously married to Frederick Paolo and Andres Rodriguez. She and third husband Tommy Davis tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2009.

Jessica Feshbach and her husband are also known for their close work with actor, Tom Cruise. In fact, Jessica was Cruises’ former assistant, and Katie Holmes friend during her and Cruise’s engagement.

The former church Spokesperson, left her position in the organization in 2011 and now works as a realtor in Texas, where she and her hubby reside.

It was reported they had fallen from favor writhing the church but most recent reports suggest, the couple did leave Scientology’s Sea Org and their jobs as spokespersons, but they’re still members of the church itself.