Jen Regan Boston Bombings Last Survivor Marc Fucarile Girlfriend Fiancee

jen regan photo

Jen Regan, fiancée of Boston Marathon bomb wounded and amputee Marc Fucarile must have had a horrible time when her boyfriend lay in a hospital bed at Mass General Hospital.

Fucarile will have to shift to a house that’s wheelchair handy. He also still plans to get married even though his fiancée, Jen Regan, said a service will take place once he’s able to boogie.

Regan spoke out last week in opposition to Rolling Stone magazine’s conclusion to put fear suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its August cover, labeling it “disgusting.”

She said:

For over 3 months now, Marc has had to wake up every day in a hospital dealing with pain, dozens of surgeries and intensive rehab therapy. Our entire family has been focused on Marc’s recovery while we anxiously await when he can return home.

I would personally feel uncomfortable if the media would come up with publications like this one after a tragedy like the one that occurred to these guys would have happened to me!

I heard that she was going to go to court for all the injuries upon this devastating disaster but I don’t think she is thinking about suing the magazine.

The couple is currently raising a lovely kid and now that daddy is in this state it must be traumatizing for the child. We hope the family goes to therapy altogether so they can come up victorious.

I couldn’t make it to the conference where Jen talked about the incident but I think I will look for something in you tube, I am sure I will find more info on the issue.

Regan is not very popular among the social network but if you find more on her please hand me the info, I am eager to know about this brave chick!

Meanwhile we just read from her on news… and some stuff on his FB page.