Jeffrey Sandusky Top Facts About Jerry Sandusky’s Son

Jeffrey Sandusky

Jeffrey Sandusky is the son of former college football coach turned serial child molester, Jerry Sandusky. His father who was a Penn State University football coach was convicted of child sex abuse in 2011.

Jerry worked for most of his career at at Pennsylvania State University. Over a 15-year period starting in 1994, he allegedly abused a number of young boys he met through his non-profit organization, The second mile. In 2012 he was found guilty on 45 charges and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison.

If you’ve ever heard the expression, ‘like father, like son’ this would be one of those cases. Jeffrey ‘Jeff” Sandusky was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child and possession of child ****ography. Read below his top facts.


1. Jeffrey Sandusky is one of six adopted children.

Jeffrey along with Jon, E. J.; Matt, Kara and Ray Sandusky were adopted by Jerry and his wife Dorothy Sandusky (nee Gross).

2. Jeff’s brother Matt Sandusky said he had been molested as a child.

On the day the jury began deliberations in the sex abuse trial against Sandusky, Matt Sandusky released a statement saying Jerry had sexually molested him.

3. He’s publicly said his father is innocent.

Jeffrey Sandusky told Bleacher Report “My dad is innocent. I can guarantee you that. He’s innocent. Dad himself says he had boundary issues, meaning that he’d put a hand around your shoulder, he’d have his hand on my leg. Can that be taken the wrong way? Yes, and I get it. But he was not doing it to be a creeper, a perv. No, he was doing it to say I care about you.”

4. Ironically, he is well acquainted with prison facilities.

Jeffrey Sandusky is a corrections officer who worked at Rockview State Prison, where he was hired in August 2015.

5. He was charged with sexually assaulting two children.

Last November two teenage girls came forward in accusing Sandusky. They said he solicited them for oral sex and nude photographs to be sent to his cellphone.

6. He was dating the mother of one of his victims.

Reports say the explicit messages were found by the girls father who notified police.

7. His bail was set at $200,000.

A judge barred him from contact with minors and was charged with a total of 14 counts including unlawful contact with minors, solicitation of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and solicitation of statutory sexual assault.