Jeanine Seski Dr. Jan Seski’s Wife


Meet Jeanine Seski

Jeanine Seski is he wife of Dr. Jan Seski the Pittsburgh gynecologist who illegally killed a lion near Zimbabwe’s protected Hwange National Park less than three months before Dr. Walter Palmer killed Cecil The Lion.

His Safari guide said Dr. Jan Seski did nothing wrong..

He conducted his hunt in good faith and now he is being treated as if he is some criminal,” Headman Sibanda said of  Jan Seski in an interview with the Associated Press. “He is an honest man who came into this country to give us business. He doesn’t deserve all this attention and harassment. He should be allowed to have a good night’s sleep because his conscience should be clear. Everything was done aboveboard.”

68-year-old Jan Seski killed a lion near Zimbabwe’s protected Hwange National Park  in April is known for hunting with a bow and arrow, photos of him posing with his kills have been circulating on social media for years.

Jan Casimir Seski, born September,  1949 is married to Mrs. Jeanine Ernst Seski. 65-year-old Jeanine Seski born April, 1950 is the daughter of Frances I. Schmidt and the ate Neil Ernst, he worked with  Swift & Company and was the owner of Moder’s Fried Cake Shop in Ann Arbor until WWII. Jeanine Seski’s siblings include brother Richard Ernst, and sisters Peggy and Sheryl.

Jeanine Seski’s father like her husband was Neil love hunting. We believe Jeanine Seski attended University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing, she wrote Clean Intermittent Self-catherization and Bethanechol Chloride: A Self-care Approach to the Management of Bladder Dysfunction Following Radical Abdominal Hysterectomy and had written publications about pregnancy. She was previously managing member for Aquatic Synthesis Unlimited, LLC