Jason Van Dyke’s wife Tiffany Van Dyke

Tiffany Van Dyke

Tiffany Van Dyke is the distraught wife of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke — who was on trial for the murdered Laquan McDonald.

Tiffany’s husband was charged with shooting 16 bullets into McDonald’s body back in 2014. His fate was casted today as he was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Four years ago, Jason Van Dyke charged with two counts of first-degree murder, 16 counts of aggravated battery, and one count of official misconduct. After two days of jury deliberations, he was found guilty on 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and not guilty of one count of official misconduct.

Van Dyke graduated from Hinsdale South High School in southwest suburban Darien in 1996 and earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier University. He became Chicago police officer in 2001.

He worked for several years on CPD’s targeted response unit, which was disbanded in 2011. After the shooting on Laquan it was reported that he had at least 20 complaints filed against him as a Chicago police officer but none resulted in disciplinary action.

Tiffany Van Dyke

On October 20th, 2014 Van Dyke arrived on the scene –after hearing that someone had been breaking into vehicles in a trucking yard –and opened fire within seconds, completely emptying his service weapon. He said that McDonald had failed to comply with demands to drop the knife and had made a threatening move toward police. However, after the release of dash-cam footage –it was clear that McDonald was moving away from police when he was shot, contradicting Van Dyke’s account.

Jason has been married to Tiffany Van Dyke for nearly 20-years . The couple has two teenage daughters.

Tiffany Van Dyke has been supportive of her husband speaking in intrviews to media and saying “I took a vow for better or for worse. I stick behind my husband 100-percent.”

She is the mother of two daughters ages 12 and 16. The blonde accompanied her husband since day one of his murder trial and said he was not the ‘racist, trigger-happy cop’ protesters have portrayed him to be.

Prior to the guilty verdict, she said during an interview “I’d like to say I can handle anything that comes.”

The 38-year-old wife and mom of two has worked as a fitness instructor and part-time bartender. In 2016 she was set to begin training as a Cook County sheriff’s deputy but that the job offer was abruptly yanked because of her husband’s infamous case.