Who is Jarrod Ramos’ Wife/ Girlfriend?

Jarrod Ramos

Jarrod Ramos is the man who allegedly went inside the building of the Capital Gazette publishing in Maryland and opened fire killing several people.

Ramos opened fire inside the Capital Gazette newsroom on the afternoons of June 28th; according to witnesses he threw smoke grenades searched for his victims as he walked by armed with a shotgun. Though police arrived at the scene just seconds later after he opened fire, Ramos managed to kill five people. He is being charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

As it turns out, Jarrod Ramos has history with the newspaper as he was the subject of an article a few years ago. Ramos pleaded guilty in a 2011 criminal harassment case the Capital Gazette would then write about.


The following year, he filed a lawsuit against the paper, alleging the article contained false and defamatory statements that injured his reputation. During the court case, the judge asked him to point out one statement in the article that was false and defamatory, but he couldn’t name one. The case was dismissed.

In the story published by the Gazette, the paper said Ramos stalked an ex-girlfriend. Days later he pleaded guilty to criminal harassment. In the same story, the woman in question told the paper, Ramos had contacted her through social media engaging in months of emails in which he was ultimately nasty to her.

Though his lawsuit against the papers after the article was published was unsuccessful, Ramos directed his anger towards the paper’s journalist writing on social media profanity-laced rants at them.

Police investigated and even visited Ramos at his home at the time, after a top editor called them over worries about hi attacks on the paper and its journalists on social media –however, police did not have enough to charge him.

Ramos a Maryland resident in his late 30’s –has a degree in computer engineering and worked in the past for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of this writing no woman has been identified as his wife or girlfriend.

Jarrod’s victims –all employees of the newspaper –have been identified as assistant editor and columnist Rob Hiaasen, special publications editor Wendi Winters, writer John McNamara, editorial page editor Gerald Fischman and sales assistant Rebecca Smith.