Jane Harvey London Attacker Khalid Masood ‘s Ex- Girlfriend

Jane Harvey

Jane Harvey is a lovely blonde who has been identified as the woman who was in a romantic relationship with London attacker, Khalid Masood –the responsible for the lives of four victims and many other wounded in Wednesday’s massacre in ­Westminster.

52-year-old Masood was shot dead by a close protection officer after killing three on Westminster Bridge and stabbing to death PC Keith Palmer at the entrance to Parliament.

Masood, who was also known as Adrian Elms and Adrian Russell Ajao, was later identified on social media as an Isis soldier.

He and Jane Harvey were in a long time relationship and shared two daughters. Accoridng to The Sun, Masood and Jane Harvey had a major fall out after he persuaded one of their children to convert to Islam.

Jane Harvey met a then young, Adrian Elms while working at Aaron Chemicals in Bodiam, East Sussex. After some time and a few dates at the local pub, the two became involved during the late 80’s.

They moved in together and decided to start a family after moving to the village of Northiam. The then couple welcomed first daughter, Andi Jay in 1992. Six years later, Jane Harvey gave birth to daughter number two, Teegan ­Adrienne.

According to friends of the couple, the mom of two would often end up calling cops due to Masood’s violent temper. It was during a two-year stint in jail that Masood is believed to have been radicalized.

After his released form jail in 2003, he then persuaded daughter Andi, to convert as well. Friends of Jane Harvey recall she was very upset but couldn’t do much for her daughter who was over 18 at the time. She saw her daughter ‘covered head to toe and said she never went out of the house unless she was ­covered up.’

He allegedly tried to do the same with their youngest. But Jane’s younger daughter, Teegan allegedly refused to bow to pressure from her fanatical father.

Teegan –who stayed with her mom after her older sister moved in with their father –graduated last year from Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School.


48-year-old Jane Harvey became a successful businesswoman. She climbed the professional latter and currently serves as managing director at Aaron Chemicals, the same company where she and Masood met all those years ago.

Since splitting from Masood in the early 2000’s, friends have said she is  a much happier woman. She and Masood were never married.

Since the split from the mother of his children, Khalid Masood went onto marry marketing assistant Farzana Malik. He was also involved with another woman named, Rohey Hydara.

Jane Harvey currently resides in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.