Jair Nilton Cardoso Malia Obama’s Stalker

Jair Nilton Cardoso

Jair Nilton Cardoso is the creepy man who scared the heck out of former first daughter, Malia Obama. The guy in question has been described as a long time stalker of the 18-year-old; but no worries, reports say secret service got Malia’s back.

Malia Obama is the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama. She is an aspiring filmmaker who set to start school at Harvard College in the fall.

Jair Nilton Cardoso was detained by secret service members after the creep showed up at Malia’s internship in New York. Cardoso allegedly went as far as asking the teen to marry him.

According to the Daily Mail, he made his way to the fourth floor of the Manhattan building where Malia is currently interning and began shouting that she should marry him.

Armed with a poster sign, 30-year-old Cardoso put the sign in the window and loudly begged her to marry him, sources said.

Jair Nilton Cardoso

He was first spotted after Malia a few days ago while he pretended to be a blind man. At the time he followed her while she was at her other interning job located in the West Village. Malia is currently spending the spring interning at a film production company.

On that occasion, the agents quickly surrounded the stalker, who was dressed in a Rastafarian cap, and interrogated him for nearly an hour, while Malia sneaked out of the offices of Weinstein Co, through a side door.

The stalker was then detained and taken to a Brooklyn hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, sources said.

This is not the first time the delusional man gets in trouble, as it turns out, Jair Nilton Cardoso repeatedly tried to enter White House in the past, so he is not to be taken lightly.

Cardoso resides in an apartment Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn and which already has been searched by agents.