Jaclyn Fraley is the woman trying to save her grandfather’s home!

91-Year-Old-Man-preventing from eviction

Ok, this is just unheard of!!! Is the most unfair, sad, heartbreaking situation a person can live!! To tell you about Jaclyn, first you need to know the story about her 91 year old grandpa! John “Jack” Potter, age 91, is being evicted from the Zaleski, Ohio home he built and lived in for 56 years. John is WWII vet having served in active combat in The Aleutian Islands campaign. In addition to his service to his country, he is also a former Sheriff of Vinton County, Mayor of Zaleski, Ohio, a retired chief train dispatcher from the B&O railroad, and a 65 year Master Freemason.

I mean he is not your “Ariel Castro” type!!! Potter is not only being kicked out of hi home but he is being thrown by his own daughter!!!! When asked how he feels about being evicted by his daughter and son-in-law, Potter was at a loss for words.

“I just cannot believe my daughter would ever do anything like that to me,” he said. Doesn’t this woman have a heart!!! He is an older person, he needs care, companionship, attention, can you imagine the sadness he must feel!! Isn’t one of the ten commandments? You shall honor your father and mother??

Here is where Jaclyn Fraley makes her way, a nurse who moved to Columbus, Ohio, from San Diego to be closer to her grandfather, said she has not been on pleasant terms with her mother and stepfather for the last two years or so, when she learned that they had tried to place her grandfather in a nursing home!


jaclyn fraley

Fraley who must feel tremendous admiration for her grandpa has been described as a big hearted woman with an equally big beautiful smile. Jack-Jaclyn?? Is that where it comes from perhaps? The elderly are not treated with enough respect and given support for their long lives of hard work and service to this country now a days! Too many are forgotten and not properly cared for. Jaclyn’s grandfather deserves his own place and enough financial support to live out their days with dignity, much happiness and comfort. I mean, he build the house a home for him and his family and just because he made the mistake of getting older he is being treated like this!!! Doesn’t his daughter knows she is going the same path!

Hoping to keep her grandfather in the home he built, Fraley started a campaign on GoFundMe.com, a crowd-fundraising site.

About the fundraiser, Potter said he is

“a little bit embarrassed that I have to ask my fellow man for help” but he is grateful for others’ generosity and thinks it is “wonderful.”

Potter turns 92 on May 23, show the love for grandpa Potter and help him raise the money! You can see Jaclyn’s Facebook here.