Jack Dorsey List of Girlfriends

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is the tech fella best known for being the co-founder and CEO of social networking platform, Twitter.

Dorsey, a Missouri native is also the founder and CEO of mobile payments company, Square. Born November 19, 1976; Dorsey graduated from Catholic Bishop DuBourg High School and eventually attended New York University; however he didn’t graduate.

While at New York University he came up with the idea of Twitter. He moved to California and began his company about programming real-time messaging systems for couriers, taxis, and emergency vehicles. Throughout this work, Jack witnessed thousands of workers in the field constantly updating where they were and what they were doing. With Twitter he managed to simplify that and made it available for general usage.

With the success of Twitter, Jack was quickly recognized as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people and was named an “outstanding innovator under the age of 35” by MIT’s Technology Review. He served as CEO the first time from 2006 until 2008. He returned to the role in 2015.

Outside the tech field, Dorsey has also been quite popular with the ladies. Though the 41-year-old is yet to be married, he has enjoyed a couple of semi-public romances. Check out below a list of his past girlfriends.

#1 Kate Greer

Kate Greer

The petite blonde is an Iowa native and often described as Dorsey’s on-off girlfriend. The two have known each other for years. Their relationship dates back to 2010.

#2 Lily Cole

Lily Cole

British model and actress, Lily Cole dated the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey in 2013.

Other than that, his love life hasn’t been all that exciting. He’s publicly declared that Twitter and Square are like his children and ultimately his only relationship.