Ivanka Fratto – Johnny Fratto’s Wife

Meet Ivanka Fratto

Ivanka Fratto is the former wife and now widow of johnny Fratto. Her husband Johnny died following a bout with lung cancer.

Fratto passed away “peacefully” this morning surrounded by family,” according to his Ivanka Fratto.

61-year-old Johnny Fratto was best known for his close ties to the mob and as a regular on the Howard Stern show. He described himself as a “Promoter, Friend of The late Eric the Actor, Howard Stern, Mafia Guru, Goodfather.” on social media.

Johnny Fratto was the son of mob member Louis Fratto. His father remained a power figure in the Des Moines, Iowa area until his death on November 24, 1967 of natural causes.

Ivanka’s husband was also the owner of The Beverly Hills Choppers. During an interview, when asked about how he compares to other companies like Orange County Choppers, Fratto said:

They are building motorcycles, I am building scooters — in no way shape or form do I belong in a category with them. You can compare my product to a Vespa [scooter] on steroids.

He was close to many celebrities including, Nicole Richie, Nikky and Paris Hilton, Adrianne Curry, Nicole Eggert.J ohnny Fratto was also in an episode of Deadliest Warrior as an expert on Al Capone.


Johnny is also a published author, he wrote a 2012 book titled Would You Read This Book if I Threatened to Kill You?  In it, he talks about his life as a Midwest Mafia prince.


Ivanka Fratto and Johnny became parents to Johnny Fratto Jr. who is an actor, according to US Weekly.

Some outlets also describe his now widow, as Jowanka Fratto.

Ivanka’s hubby was also well known for his friendship with one of Stern’s most popular guests, Eric “The Actor” Lynch, the diminutive, profanity-spouting caller who specialized in insulting Stern and who died last year.