Hilary Brooke Mueller Fired After Blocking Black Man from Entering His Building

Hilary Brooke Mueller

Hilary Brooke Mueller has been identified as the woman who in present times blocked a black person while trying to enter his building.

Hilary Brooke Mueller who is white will not move after D’Arreion Toles arrived at the entrance to the building where he lives in St. Louis. Mueller who happens to live in the same building demanded he proved he lived there. The two live at the condominium complex, the Elder Shirt Lofts.

Toles recorded the whole situation and Mueller can be seen/heard saying “I can’t” after he asked her to “Please move, ma’am”


The videos also shows Mueller with her dog on a leash standing in the doorway. When Mueller asks him “Do you live here?” Toles replies “I’ve already answered that question,” as he continues to try to get in. “Excuse me.”.

However, she continued grilling Mr. Toles what unit he lived in and to see his key fob. When he declined to tell her, she remained in his path. Mueller who refused to move can also be heard saying “If you want to come into my building —” to what Toles quickly answers “It’s not your building, you’re not the owner,” “Excuse me” and finally getting past her.

She continued with the bizarre attitude getting in the elevator whit him and following him until he enters the apartment as she says “I would like to meet you because you’re a neighbor.”

Mr. Toles posted videos of the episode on his Facebook page on Saturday and they quickly spread on social media. As a result of her actions, Mueller who worked at Tribeca-STL was fired.

What may even be worse is that her husband, Brandon Mueller told media he was in shock, and noted that his father is black. Brandon Mueller is CEO of The Matus Group Rela Estate Advisors.

Brandon and Hilary Brooke Thornton are currently separated.