Heather Wahlquist Nick Cassavetes’ Ex-Wife

Heather Wahlquist

Heather Wahlquist is the lovely actress who was once married to famed director, Nick Cassavetes – son of Hollywood legend John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands.

Cassavetes claims Heather is hiding their daughter, and claims she is violating their custody agreement.

Nick Cassavetes was an actor for over a decade before he added writing and directing to his Hollywood repertoire. Born and raised in New York, he’s been under the spotlight since he was born.

As a director, he has mad e a name for himself behind the camera with films like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Other Woman.’

Heather Wahlquist

Heather Wahlquist was born May 23, 1977; the Oklahoma native attended Seminole High School followed by two years at University of Oklahoma –where she studied psychology.

Heather Wahlquist

The 40-year-old has been active in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades.

She has been featured in a number of movies, mostly appearing in several of her husband’s projects. Cassavetes had been previously married to Isabelle Rafalovich with whom he fathered two daughters, 31-year-old Virginia Sara and 29-year-old Sasha –who was born with a heart defect.

He married second wife, Heather Wahlquist in the early 2000’s. The two met when he directed her in the 2002 film John Q. The two have since married and separated and have kept their relationship very much out of the spotlight despite their professional relationship.

Heather gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Barbarella in 2004.

Aside from John Q, Heather Wahlquist has also had roles on Simon Says, Good Advice, The Incredible Mr. Ritchie, The Notebook, Alpha Dog, Lonely Street, My sister’s Keeper and Yellow –which she also served as co-writer along with Cassavetes.

On social media she described herself as an ‘actress, writer and activist.’

The lovely brunette is said to have kidnapped her daughter ‘Barbie’ and is keeping her from Cassavetes somewhere in Oklahoma.

Cassavetes is currently in a relationship with model, Christina Virzi.

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