Heather Lind’s Boyfriend Federico Rodriguez

Federico Rodriguez

Actor Federico Rodriguez is the handsome boyfriend of actress Heather Lind. His girlfriend made headlines after she accused President George H.W. Bush groped her from his wheelchair during a screening. She later deleted the Instagram post where she made her accusations.

Federico Rodriguez’s pretty gal, was born in Upland, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1983; Heather is the twin sister of actress Christina Bennett Lind.

Lind a graduate of Fordham College and the New York University appeared in the 2013 film A Single Shot, Mistress America, Stealing Cars, and Demolition in 2015; more recently she stars as Gibson in the 2017 film Fireworkers.

Lind’s stud Federico is known for his roles as Julian in the Path, appeared in Madam Secretary, portrayed Will Mercado in the t.v series Bull, and as Zach in the film Where it Stops.