Hasna Ait Boulahcen Female Bomber Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s Cousin

Hasna Ait boulahcen

Hasna Ait boulahcen is the female kamikaze who blew herself up with a suicide belt during a raid in a flat in Saint-Denis, at first it was believed was the wife of Abdelhamid Abaaoud named as the mastermind in the Paris Attacks on Friday, but Hasna Ait boulahcen is not Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s wife but his jihad obsessed cousin, who besides killing herself killed Diesel, the seven-year-old sniffer dog send inside the building.


Hasna Ait boulahcen

26-year-old French Hasna Ait boulahcen the woman with long blonde hair who screamed for help before blowing herself up with a suicide belt has been identified as the cousin of Abdelhamid thought to be the mastermind behind the Paris attacks. Witnesses stated that 10 or 15 minutes after the shooting a woman with long blonde hair emerged from the window on the third floor screaming for help. Police told her to keep her hands in the air, she did, but then she hides his hands, she raised them once again and then there was a terrible explosion.

The police told her to identify herself, and to show herself. She held her hands up but she didn’t reveal her face.
‘She withdrew her hands out of sight, and then put them up again several times.

‘The police shouted at her: “Keep your hands in the air!” They told her: “We’re going to shoot.” The shooting resumed. The police were firing from the roof of the building opposite. Suddenly there was a huge explosion. It was probably the woman who blew herself up.
‘The windows shattered. Lots of objects from the apartment were thrown into the street, pieces of human flesh as well. They are still there. You can see a bit of the head, of skin, of ribs.’
‘I heard police talking about a blonde woman with long hair. I believe this was the suicide bomber.
They told her: ‘Don’t lower your arms. Put your hands in the air. Afterwards, there was a very loud explosion. I think that’s when she activated her bomb. It was big. Many of the windows in the road shattered.’

According to reports, Hasna Ait boulahcen, 26, was Abaaoud’s cousin from his mother’s side, Hasna Ait boulahcen was also known as Cowgirl for the cowboy hats she liked to wear. Hasna was born August 1, 1989 in Bobigny a suburb in Paris France the country that she referred to as unfaithful Land.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen female bomber

Hasna was allegedly once the manager of Beko Construction the Epinay Suur Seine based company founded in 2011 that shut down in March, 2014. Hasna openly expressed her desire to join the jihad in the Iraqui-Syrian zone, she wished to be the instrument of a massive attack in Paris. It appeared that Hasma was even more connected to jihad than her cousin ever was.

“Hasna was triply connected. She was the subject of leading administrative information, tapping of perpetrating police investigation of over 93 narcotics cases”

For years Hasna Ait boulahcen yearned to be part of Jihad, but never was in a position to travel to Syria or Iraq, however Hasna provided her services during the fatal attacks in Paris orchestrated by her cousin. However this claims are the total opposite of  the story Hasna Ait Boulahcen’s brother said about his late sister.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen’s brother said she had no interest in religion and never even read the Koran, it was until a month ago that he recalls that Hasna started wearing a Muslim face veil a month ago.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen

Hasna Ait Boulahcen’s brother Youssouf AitBoulahcen said his relationship with his sister Hasna was complicated, he hadn’t seen her in years and spoke to her on rare occasions.

“She spent her time criticizing everything. She refused to accept any advice, she didn’t want to sort herself out. She was living in her own world. She was not interested in studying her religion. I never saw her open the Koran. She was permanently on her phone, looking at Facebook or WhatsApp.”

“I told her to stop all of this but she would not listen, she ignored my numerous attempts to give her advice telling me I was not her dad, or her husband, and so I should leave her alone. On the rare occasions that I spoke to her it was to tell her to behave better, to have a better attitude, to be more easy-going about her strict dress code.

“On Sunday at 7pm she called me because I had called her – and she sounded like she had given up on life. I rushed over  to check on her but after waited 15 minutes and got no answer.”

“She called me and I put the phone down on her after telling her not to call me any more after the inconvenience she had caused me, getting me to come over for nothing.Finally on Wednesday morning I turned on the TV and I learned that she had killed herself, sacrificing the life that the Lord had given.”

Hasna Ait Boulahcen

Moroccan born Hasna Ait Boulahcen settled with her family in Paris, France. Her parents split up when she was a child, she was five when she was taken into the the care of a foster family. Hasna studied at Paul Verlaine University in Metz. and regularly visited her father Mohammed in Creutzwald, Moselle and mom in Paris. Neighbors said Hasna was outgoing, respectful, dynamic and well-spoken, they added that Hasna always dressed in jeans, trainers and a black cap until around eight months ago when she started wearing a niqab.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen

“She wasn’t scared of anyone. She was like a little soldier. She was very lively, very dynamic. She didn’t have a niqab [headscarf] before. She was always in jeans and trainers. She was a very well-spoken girl. She was very respectful.”

“I can’t believe she’s part of this sect. When I heard it I felt sick. She was like all young girls – it was who she was hanging out with.”

Hasna’s brother Youssouf said his sister was the victim of violence.

“She had been the victim of violence since she was very young – mistreated and rejected – she never received the love she needed. From the age of five she was taken into care, so she grew up with a foster family.”

“She was happy and she flourished at that point in her adolescence. Then as she grew up she went off the rails. She became reckless, running away and choosing bad company. I was never very close to her because we lived apart but during the opportunities I had to talk to her she was full of enthusiasm, although her instability always dragged her down, she was not grounded in her. She went from one life project to another without question.”

Photos of Hasna Aitboulahcen and the video of the last seconds of her life are in the video below