Harold Sorenson – Travis Alexander’s Brother-In-Law

Harold Sorenson and wife Tanisha


Travis Alexander‘s brother-in-law is Harold Sorenson. He recently posted a statement on the Justice4Travis Facebook page where he says that the victim’s family is “emotionally drained” and “overwhelmingly grateful” in this re trial of the penalty phase on Jodi Arias. Sorenson also asked to “please keep the family continually in your hearts.” The full statement reads:

“I will make a comment ! These are my words only. this is not from any of the Alexander family. or even from my wife Tanisha. they are all emotionally drained. at the same time they are overwhelmingly grateful ! to the court, to judge Stevens, to the jurors all of them, especially to Juan Martinez, to the Attorney General of Arizona, who they will be meeting with very shortly, to prepare themselves emotionally mentally, for the re trial of the [third] phase, the penalty phases. this will be even harder on them then what they’ve experienced during the past phases of this trial. if ever they needed the world’s love and support of the overwhelming majority that have been there for them. it would be this re trial of the penalty phase.

Please keep the family continually in your hearts, in your prayer as the fight for justice is not just for Travis alone, but for the past and future victims of the world that the DP can be respected, and upheld when it truly is warranted. let goodness prevail over evil, we love you, and deeply respect the overwhelming support . god bless true victims and justice for Travis Alexander. thank you [Harold] Sorenson.”


58-year-old Harold Sorenson was born on December 08, 1954. Originally from Claremont, he now lives in Redlands, California. Harold graduated from Claremont High School in 1973. He married Tanisha Sorenson, Travis Alexander’s sister, on October 16, 2010. The couple works together in Advanced Laser Services, LLC.

Find Harold Sorenson’s profile on Facebook here.

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Harold Sorenson and wife Tanisha Sorenson
Harold Sorenson Tanisha Sorenson photo