Who is Hailey Baldwin’s Look alike? Justin Bieber cheating?

Since we cant get enough of Bieber and his every step, specially when its about a new and possibly romantic conquest, several news outlets report, Bieber was spotted partying with another blonde beauty, who looks strikingly similar to Hailey.

It’s been nearly a month since Justin Bieber welcomed the new year with stunning Hailey Baldwin, but earlier this week, the singer might have gotten a little reminiscent of their time together as he got himself a gal that looks exactly like the young model but is not her!


He and his latest mystery girl were spotted having a blast at Hollywood’s hottest night spots. Bieber treated the gal to Henry’s and The Nice Guy. She was dressed down for the L.A night out but still looked the part to hang out with the famous Bieber.

The mystery hot blonde showed off her fitted figure in ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top and black leather jacket. She threw on a pair of slip on sneakers and added the right touch of bling with a glam gold shoulder bag.

The pair were photographed as they left The Nice Guy and hoped in the back seat of their ride. They both seamed relax, though is clear Justin has had more much experience when it comes to partying. While he smiled following her to the car, the mystery girl walked straight to the car without looking to anyone.

Although Hailey Baldwin and JB never confirmed they were dating, they both posted photos of them hanging out to social media.

It appears they might have gotten stuck in the friend zone, as confirmed by her father, Stephen –who told TMZ the singer and his daughter are just friends, adding Justin is a wonderful guy and that if they were to date, he would approve of the relationship. Does Stephen has a crush on Justin perhaps?


Do you think Justin could be cheating on Hailey? Is there really a romantic relationship between that they don’t want to tell about? Hailey has said in the past she has known Justin for years and that they have simply stayed close over the years. So you know how it is in Hollywood, they are simple friends who once in a while kiss each other and post it for the world to see.


Any thoughts on the new gal?