Greg Gianforte wife Susan Gianforte

Susan Gianforte

Susan Gianforte is the lovely and supportive wife of Republican politician and businessman, Greg Gianforte.

The two have been married for decades and together are the proud parents of four adult children.

Susan Gianforte is a NY city native, the daughter of German immigrants was raised only by her mother, after her father passed away.

The wife and mom of four is super smart. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and an MBA from NYU.

She met her husband while they were both employed at AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey.


Susan worked at NNC/KPMG where she worked as a senior manager until 1993. She resigned after the birth of the couple’s third children. Following her resignation she began helping her hubby in his new entrepreneurial efforts following the sale of his first start-up, Brightwork.

The couple founded RightNow Technologies in 1997. Susan served as the controller for the software company until 1999.

Their company grew to more than 1,100 employees worldwide and more than $225 million in annual revenue. RightNow was sold to Oracle for over $1.8 billion in 2012.


Mrs. Gianforte continues to work with her husband on the family foundation. She is a trustee and manages the foundation’s finances as well as other family entities. The couple founded the Gianforte Family Foundation in 2006, aiming to support the work of faith-based organizations engaged in outreach work, strengthening families, and helping the needy. Since then, it has made tens of millions of dollars in charitable contributions.

Susan Gianforte and Greg are the proud parents of three sons, Richard, David, Adam; and one daughter, Rachel.


According to the family’s foundation website, Richard Giaforte, the couple’s oldest child, attended Caltech and received a double major in Computer Science and Business.

David, the second son of Susan and Greg; is a software engineer who attended Montana State University.

Third son, Adam studied Linguistics at Cornell University while only daughter, Rachel attended Stanford –where she majored in Architecture.


The family of six, had been Bozeman, Montana residents since 1995.