Gina and Walter McMillan – Texas Ax Wielding Ryan McMillan’s parents

Meet Gina and Walter McMillan

Gina and Walter McMillan are the parents of 21-year-old UNT student, Ryan McMillan –who was shot and killed by police on Sunday.

According to the North Texas Daily, a call was made to The Denton Police Department regarding criminal mischief in progress on the first floor of the U Centre parking garage.

The officer who shot and killed Ryan allegedly saw him carrying an axe after arriving at the corner of Oak and Fry streets. However, authorities are not certain  what exactly led up to McMillan’s death.

UNT spokeswoman Margarita Venegas said the officer, saw Ryan smash at least one car window upon arrival.

Following Ryan’s death, many stood on their lawn, yelling at the police in bewilderment, because they had just seen a man shot in the middle of the street; labeling it “a senseless goddamn murder!”

According to her social media profile on Facebook, 62-year-old Gina Phillips Mcmillan was born Gina Cutter. She graduated from Arlington Heights Christian Church located in Fort Worth, Texas and also attended, Tarrant County College.


According to his social media profile on Facebook, Ryan’s father, 69-year-old Walter McMillan is originally form Dallas, and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Walter McMillan graduated from Highland Park High School located in Dallas, Texas. He worked for the U.S. Federal Government since 1999 and is currently retired. Walter McMillan also known as Walt McMillan worked as a procurement analyst. According to his LinkedIn, he attended Trinity University.

Their son, graduated high school in 2013. Ryan attended Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, Texas and was a student at the University of North Texas at the time of his death. Gina and Walter McMillan’ son worked at Flowers To Go.

Ryan has been described by family members as an easy-going and caring person, but Ashley Jones who had seen Ryan earlier that day said he wasn’t himself after the student returned her greeting by smashing the hood of her car with an axe.

Ryan had just finished their first semester at the university, he was a pre-hospitality sophomore and transfer student from Weatherford College.

In a year, that has been filled with police involved in interracial altercations, this one was between a white suspect and a white officer. The university officer has been placed on administrative leave.

Our condolences to Gina and Walter McMillan.

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