Genece Brinkley Meek Mill’s Judge

Genece Brinkley

Genece Brinkley is the judge presiding over rapper Meek Mill’s case and who will not remove herself from the case.

Brinkley a Nashville, Tennessee native holds a BA in Political Science from Spelman College and obtained her JD at Temple University School of Law. She made headlines following her tough sentence on the rapper who violated his probation back in 2016. She handed down a two to four year prison sentence.

The 61-year-old judge has even been under FBI investigation after it was reported she gave the harsh sentence because the rapper refused to give her a shout out in one of his songs. The outrage over her sentence has been criticized by both fans and celebrities alike. As a result, an online petition with over 300K signs surfaced.

Earlier this year, Meek’s legal team filed its second request for Brinkley’s dismissal, claiming she took an “unusual interest” in his career. She’s been accused by Meek’s lawyers of not being able to preside fairly.

This isn’t the first time Brinkley and Meek real name, Robert Rihmeek Williams meet, she is the same judge who sentenced Meek Mill a decade ago in his 2008 drug and gun possession case.

Genece Brinkley

Genece Brinkley was elected to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in 1993. According to, her tenure has been relatively non-controversial until now. Brinkley “has quietly served on the city’s Common Pleas Court for a quarter-century,” the newspaper reported.

According to Ballotpedia, Brinkley was retained to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas with 77 percent of the vote on November 5, 2013. Her term will expire in 2023.

In the meanwhile, Meek Mill is currently serving two to four years in prison on probation violations. His release has been backed by numerous figures including District Attorney Larry Krasner, who wrote that a “strong likelihood” exists that Mill’s 2007 gun and drug charges will be overturned.

Genece Brinkley however, insist she has been fair from the start and will not remove herself from the case, despite the Supreme Court ordering Meek to go free without bail.