Who is Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison‘s Wife/Girlfriend?

Scott Hutchison

Scott Hutchison, the Scottish singer and songwriter, best known as the front man of indie rock band, Frightened Rabbit –is believed to have been single at the time of his death.

The 36-year-old was reported missing on May 9th and his body was found the next day, police reports say. According to Scotland police officials his body was found at Port Edgar, between the Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing.

His family released a heartbreaking statement in which they indicate Hutchinson suffered from depression and had been struggling for years. He is remembered by those closest to him as ‘a wonderful son, brother, uncle and friend.’ The statement also highlighted his passionate nature, his charisma, kindness as well as his sense of humor.

Born Scott Hutchinson on November 20, 1981; he attended Glasgow School of Art where he studied illustration prior to starting his musical career. In 2003 he began performing under the moniker Frightened Rabbit –which happened to be his mother’s pet name for him and which attributed to his shy nature.

Scott Hutchison

He was later joined by his brother, drummer Grant Hutchison, and guitarist/bassist Billy Kennedy. At first a trio, they released their debut album Sing The Greys in 2006. Two years later its follow-up, The Midnight Organ Fight came out. The band’s third full-length, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, came in 2010, followed by a pair of EPS: 2011’s self-titled and 2012’s State Hospital.

Their biggest success came in 2013, with the release of Pedestrian Verse –by then the band had added to more members, guitarists/keyboardists Andy Monaghan and Gordon Skene.

Hutchinson also recorded a solo album under the name Owl John. The band released their fifth and last studio album, Painting Of A Panic Attack –in 2016.

His music often talked about depression, alcoholism and even said during a recent interview to NME, he had to stop writing about his personal relationships ‘cause it’s album six, and I can’t do this all [the] time, you know’

We send our condolences.