Francisco Vistoso Chilean Tourist attacked in Times Square

Francisco Vistoso

Francisco Vistoso is the tourist who got his face busted by a topless performer in the middle of Times Square!

Francisco Vistoso who is a tourist visiting the Big Apple all the way form his native Chile, was making the “must see” sightseeing in Times Square accompanied by his brother-in-law when he was attacked by a woman reports say.

The whole street scuffle began when Francisco and his brother in law, Abelardo Nunez tip $1.00 to the topless model after posing with her.

The model and her manager were apparently angry with the dollar tip and things turned physical. Francisco told NBC4, “They came to us saying it was too little,” “They started insulting [my brother-in-law] and then the woman came and attacked me.”

According to an unnamed witnesses, the woman’s two manager approached Vistoso and asked for more money. Both parties exchanged insults and according to the witness, the tourists were rude calling the topless model, a prostitute.

After the insult, one of the manager shoved Vistoso’s face, cutting him with his own glasses. At this point everyone got heated up and blows were made.

Francisco Vistoso was left with a cut on his forehead. Below a photo of him all patched-up with a band-aid.


When cameras and police arrived in turned into both parties saying their versions. While Vistoso said he and his brother in law were attacked. The manager, a woman, said it was Francisco Vistoso who punched her first and she, pushed him back.

In the eye of the law, performers are only allowed to ask for money in the eight blue-area designated activity zones installed in June, but it is illegal for them to demand even more money, which is what happened in Vistoso’s case.

So, even if Vistoso attacked first, the performer and her managers were wrong to ask for more money.

Police are now looking to speak with the managers of the topless performers, who left the scene after the scuffle.