Felecia Sanders: Charleston Shootings Survivor

57-year-old Felicia A. Sanders survived Wednesdays shooting inside the historic Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina where 9 people including 4 members of the clergy were not so lucky. Nine were shot and killed by 21-year-old Dylann Roof.

Felicia is now a famous name, she and her granddaughter are among the few survivors. Reports say Felecia and her granddaughter, Camia Terry were inside the church –where Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, was leading a weekly bible study group –when Roof opened fire; she told media she and her granddaughter survived because they played dead.

Felecia allegedly laid down on top of her granddaughter to protect her, however her son, 26-year-old Tywanza Sanders didn’t make it, he is one of the nine-people killed.

According to her recollection of the shocking events, Felecia told a family friend she had just watched her son die right in front of her eyes.

Recent reports also revealed Felecia’s son tried to talk Dylann out of it, he came in between Dylann and 87-year-old Susie Jackson –who was Tywanza’s aunt –but was the first one to get shot.

Felicia Sanders, Camia Terry and another woman are the only three people who made it alive out of the massacre. The third survivor was allegedly spared by Dylann who told her “I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to spare you, so you can tell them what happened, –according to Charleston NAACP President Dot Scott, who was given the account from family members.