FDNY Christopher Slutman’s wife Shannon Slutman

Shannon Slutman

Mrs. Shannon Slutman is the wife of FDNY firefighter Christopher Slutman, one of the four Americans killed by a suicide bombing near the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Firefighter  Slutman, was the U.S. Marine reservist assigned to Ladder 27 in the Bronx.

He was really a great guy. He loved being a fireman, and he was a real family man.

Christopher a 15-year-old veteran firefighter initially joined the department in 2003; moreover, honored with the FDNY’s Fire Chiefs Association Memorial Medal in 2014, after he pulled out an unconscious woman from a burning apartment in a South Bronx high rise, in 2014.

Christopher Slutman and his wife Shannon Denyse Metcalf Slutman (b. August 15, 1974)had three daughters;  McKenna, Kenley and Weslynn Slutman.

Shannon’s father Geral Metcalf “Jerry,” attended Ohio State University, subsequently, stationed in the Antartic, New Zealand and Europe while he served in the United States Air Force. Her father passed away in 2016.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon and her daughters, throughout this time of grief.