Erika Ervin /Amazon Eve, World’s Tallest Woman Getting Married to Dennis Hargrove

Erika Ervin /Amazon Eve

You wouldn’t think that a beautiful woman like Erika Ervin would have a hard time finding the right man, but at 6’8”, it’s not so difficult to comprehend. Believe it or not, she found love while going over tax papers.

Her boyfriend, Dennis Hargrove, is an accountant, who met her when he began working for her.  Erika says: “The first time I met Dennis we were going over some tax preparation; not the most romantic encounter, but then when I heard him speak French I just fell head over heels. He’s not like any other man I’ve dated.”  He is from Los Angeles, a UCLA graduate and is in his 60s. She is thirty four.

Erika was born in Turlock, Ca. on February 23, 1979. By the time she was 14, she measured 5’11”, taller than most adults. Over the next four years she grew another 9 inches. In her teen years, she avoided boys as she saw herself as too tall and skinny for any boy to like her.

When she went to college in the SF Bay Area; she studied theatre arts, but when she was only offers roles as an alien or monster, she gave it up. Through personal training, she began to see herself in a different light and began training herself as well as others to have realistic expectations of themselves.

, she tours the world participating in height comparison photo shoots and regular modeling jobs. In Japan she is known as “babezilla”.

At 6’4” Dennis is tall enough for Erika to kiss without stooping. After worrying for so long that she would not find true love, she seems to have found it in the most unlikely of places!