Eric Schneiderman’s Girlfriend Tanya Selvaratnam

Tanya Selvaratnam

Tanya Selvaratnam is an author and until recently girlfriend of former New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman.

Tanya and Schneiderman appear to have been in a romantic relationship from the summer of 2016 until the fall of 2017 –according to her on account on their time together. She spilled the beans to The New Yorker along with other women about Schneiderman’s singular tastes.

Tanya’s tale describes Schneiderman as being an abusive violent sexual sadist and misogynist with a drug and alcohol problem. As a result of the allegations made against him, the 63-year-old lawyer and politician released a statement saying he was stepping down from his position.

Selvaratnam and Schneiderman soon became a couple after meeting at the Democratic National Convention, in Philadelphia in 2016. Early in their relationship, he began to slap her, then he abused her sexually and made sexual demands, including threesomes. She also revealed Schneiderman’s desire to be called ‘master’ and would also refer to her as his ‘brown slave.’

Tanya Selvaratnam

Tanya happens to be an independent woman with an impressive background in the arts and social justice. Born in Sri Lanka, she holds a BA and MA from Harvard in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and Regional Studies East Asia, respectively.

She describes herself as a writer, actor, producer and activist. She wrote the book, “The Big Lie”–she says she felt compelled to educate women about the truth behind infertility.

According to her website, she is an Emmy-nominated and Webby-winning producer whose work has appeared on HBO, Discovery Channel, PBS and myriad others. And she’s had premieres at Sundance and Tribeca film festivals. As an actor she’s appeared in film and video and acted at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center and the Institute of Contemporary Art and American Repertory Theater in Massachusetts.

Selvaratnam has been executive producer of major events including GLAMOUR Women of the Year and for Planned Parenthood. Tanya Selvaratnam currently serves as the organizer of The Federation.