Eric Matthew Frein – Pennsylvania cop killer


Beware of the man in the picture. Eric Frein, a man from Canadensis, has been identified as the suspect in the Pennsylvania state police shooting. He is currently being sought and is wanted by the law. He has been charged with with murder, attempted murder, assault and weapons offenses among other crimes.

Born Eric Matthew Frein in 1983, he lives about 20 miles from the barracks were the attacked on Friday took place and left one trooper dead and another wounded.

“He is at large and he is considered armed and extremely dangerous,” Commissioner Frank Noonan said, reported NBC.

He has been described by police spokesman as a survivalist … He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also about wanting to commit mass acts of murder.


It was first reported Frein had military training because of the way he conducted the shooing; he showed the knowledge to proceed with this type of hate-crimes. He stalked the state police barracks in Blooming Grove, picking the perfect spot for an ambush. At a press conference before Frein was named as a suspect, Lt. Col. George Bivens called the shooter a “coward” and vowed he would be arrested. However, it was also said Frein had been arrested previously for theft in another state, but did not have prior contact with troopers from the Blooming Grove barracks. While he does not have formal military or law enforcement training, Noonan said Frein was a “survivalist.”

The son of Eugene Michael Frein 64, and Deborah Frein; allegedly opened fire on the Blooming Grove barracks, killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and critically wounding Trooper Alex Douglass.

Both cops were shot outside the state police barracks in Blooming Grove late on the night of September 12. Dickson was shot twice outside the barracks and died. Trooper Douglass was shot but managed to crawl into the barracks lobby to safety.

Eric’s car was found two miles from the police barracks. Police executed a search on Frein’s home and found spent bullet casings of the type used in the shooting, reports say. It’s reported that he could be carrying two guns. The Pocono Record reports that one of the guns is a .308 that may look like a AK-47. They also found his social security card.

Frein is considered armed and “extremely dangerous.” Over 200 law enforcement officials are looking for Frein, but his whereabouts are unknown.

A reward for information leading to the arrest of the alleged shooter now stands at $75,000. A MySpace account was found under the name Eric Frein (Ericguy) that could belong to the suspect.

Any theories on his grudge with state police?