Eric LaBarre starring in the cutest Singing Marriage Proposal Ever (VIDEO)

eric labarre 3 pic

Every once in a while, a proposal video comes along that just tops all previous ones we’ve seen. It’s so sweet that there isn’t a woman alive that could resist it. This is one of those videos. Girls enjoy. Guys take notes!

Eric LaBarre met Nina Sturtz on JDate a few years ago. He got his entire family and most of his friends to collaborate an entire mini-musical which he wrote and sang.

He entered a contest sponsored by JDate, called “Next Top Video Proposal”. Of course, he won, and the prize was an all expense paid honeymoon to the Bahamas.

He was also clever enough to think of video taping his girlfriend’s face while she was watching the video.  You can see that video below-really worth the few minutes.

We wish Eric and his bride to be all the happiness, and hope that he remains the romantic soul he seems to be.