Eric Elbaz Man overboard cruise Bernardo Elbaz’s Husband

Meet Eric Elbaz

Eric Elbaz is the husband of Bernardo Elbaz. When the legally married couple went aboard a cruise ship, they never in a million years though one of them wouldn’t return safely to shore.

Reports say Eric Elbaz and her husband Bernardo Elbaz were on board of the Oasis of the Sea cruise ship while northeast of Mayaguana, Bahamas, when 35-year-old NY resident, Bernardo fell to the ocean from the balcony outside his stateroom!

Details of his tragic death are not exactly clear creating huge controversy.

While Royal Caribbean’s initial statement said that Bernardo Elbaz had jumped from the balcony outside his stateroom on the Oasis of the Sea ship, leading everyone to believe a domestic dispute ended in suicide; the Elbaz family lawyer, has a totally different account of facts.

According to the NY Daily News, lawyer Mike Winkleman, told reporters Eric and Bernardo (pictured below) were the subjects of anti-gay remarks made by crewmembers of the ship in several occasions and ultimately instigating the tragic outcome.


Eric and Bernardo received comments repeatedly, one including: ‘hi, lipstick.” Bernardo was at a bar when another comment resulted in a huge altercation. According to the lawyer, he ended up at his cabin ‘furious.’

At some point during the altercation between Elbaz and crewmembers, caused Elbaz to fall from the balcony onto the lifeboat area. Footage shows Elbaz hanging onto the lifeboats, moments later he is seen falling into the ocean.

Details of the investigation are still not very clear, thought the lawyer was adamant Bernardo Elbaz didn’t intentionally go over the stateroom balcony.

It was also said though Eric’s husband of over a year was intoxicated, the crew did not do enough to rescue him.

Eric and Bernardo Elbaz lived together in NY and were on board the cruise ship to celebrate Eric’s birthday. The family lawyer described Eric as ‘distraught.”

The Elbaz family is considering legal action against the cruise line.

His body has yet to be recovered ant the search was suspended over the weekend.