Eric Casebolt: Texas Cop Caught On Video Slamming Teen

McKinney Police Corporal Eric Casebolt has been accused by a 15-year-old girl of grabbing and slamming her to the grown while she was wearing only a bikini at a party with friends!

According to Dajerria Becton, the veteran police officer’s force was excessive. Dajerria told media outlets, she was terrified of the moment she was pinned down as she attended a pool party in Texas.

Casebolt was called to the party following reports of an argument between the attendees, according to Becton she thinks, she received such treatment because Casebolt thought she was saying ‘rude stuff to him.’ The whole incident was caught in camera.


During the incident, Eric allegedly twisted her arm behind her back and shoved her in the grass while pulling the back of her braids. The teen says she was not involved in the fight and that Eric being fired wouldn’t be enough.
Casebolt has served ten years on the force, following Sunday’s incident, he’s been placed on administrative leave. According to his LinkedIn he has worked as a police officer in McKinney since August 2005.

He was named Officer of the Year in 2008, and his duties included neighborhood patrol, community policing and crime prevention.

According to his Facebook page, Eric is also a a Patrol Supervisor and a Vice President of the Local Police Union.

The investigation into the incident is still pending.

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