Emily Breeze CrossFit Pregnant Athlete

Meet Emily Breeze

Emily Breeze is a North Carolina based trainer who is grabbing headlines after she dead-lifted 155 pounds for 55 reps while competing with her CrossFit team, all while being 34 weeks pregnant!

But for all the critics, 31-year-old Emily Breeze says is all good and before she got a ‘bun in the oven’ she was dead-lifting 325 pounds! The hard-core trainer is literally just days away from her due date and she is working out six times a week.


Emily Breeze Ross Watson –who goes by “Breeze” –is a former track athlete at Winthrop who has competed in CrossFit and used to own Moga Charlotte.

She is an extremely active member of the Charlotte fitness community. Last May, she decided to start a boot camp class on CrossFit Dilworth, with the goal of having 50 participants, just two months later over 70 people were joining in.

Now a days, she teamed up with former NFL star Randy Moss, together they host a free boot camp at STAX gym and get anywhere from 300 to 500 people a night.


Emily Breeze is married woman, she and investment consultant, Montell Watson have been married for over a year.


The couple is expecting their first child together, boy! The stories this baby will hear about his pregnant mama! But Emily Breeze tells all the haters out there:

“People who don’t know me write the craziest things [on my Instagram],” says Breeze. “I am completely baffled that people would think I’d do anything that would harm my baby … but I won’t allow someone’s uneducated opinion to deter my doctor-approved fitness regime during my pregnancy.”

Emily Breeze has been an athlete her whole life and has never had to worry about weight gain, she reveals on an interview she is hoping to bounce back form her post baby weight.

She and her hubby will welcome a baby boy on April 29.

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