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Michael Hastings wife Elise Jordan

We are sadden  about the sudden death of Rolling Stone Magazine’s  journalist Michael Hastings. He was involved in a single car crash in Los Angeles on Tuesday June 18, 2013. Mr. Hastings is survived by his lovely wife Elise Jordan Hastings.

33-year-old Michael Hasting was born  on January 28, 1980 in Burlington, Vermont. He became famous for his mind-blowing articles in Rolling Stone magazine mostly his The Runaway General about the profile of US Army general Stanley McChrystal, another memorable articles are I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, Hack: Confessions of a Presidential Campaign Reporter published in 2008, Obama’s War, in 2009 at Gentlemen’s Quarterly; King David’s War in Rolling Stone, Inside Obama’s War Room, America’s Last Prisoner of War, the Rose of The Killer Drones, and Panic 2012: The Sublime and Terrifying Inside Story of Obama’s Final Campaign published this year.

Michael Hastings book The Operators

Michael Hastings also was the author of The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.

Mr. Hastings’ loving wife 31-year-old Catherine Elise Jordan also a journalist was born and raised in Holly Springs, Mississippi to Kelly and Susan Jordan. Elise Jordan who is also known as Elise Hastings graduated in 2000 from Marshall Academy  and from Yale University with a degree in history in 2004. Her big brother Russell Jordan, 33, is a lawyer in Hernando, MS.

Elise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife bio

Elise Hastings a well respected journalist and commentator was once a speechwriter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Elise also worked in the White House Office of Presidential Speechwriting, and at the U.S. Embassy Baghdad and for the Commanding General’s Strategic Advisory Group at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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She has been a commentator at CTV, BBC, National Public Radio, Fox Business Network, as well as a regular guest on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.

Elise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife IMAGEElise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife-picElise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife IMAGES
Elise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife_photo

Mrs. Jordan Hastings’ articles about politics have been feautured in Marie Claire, The New York Post, The Atlantic.com, Newsweek,  The Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard and the National Review Online.

In 2007 she worked with  press and communications strategy for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan with the National Security Council. Elise Hastings is part of the advisory board to the G(irls)20 Summit, a summit for young women from G20 nations and the African Union and UNICEF’s Next Generation Steering Committee.

 Elise Jordan Hastings Michael Hastings wife pictures

Elise and her beloved Michael got married on May 21, 2011 in Hernando, Mississippi at her uncle Keith Ferrell’s home. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Elise Jordan throughtout this terrible time.

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