Eddine Barhoum (Salah Barhoum) and Yassine Zaimi- Branded Suspects at the Boston Marathon Bombing wears he and pal are not the Bombers.

Eddine Barhoum Salah Barhoum Boston marathon suspectYesterday, Reddit users created the “Find the Boston Bombers” and it was there that several people wearing backpacks and looking rather suspicious raised concerns about their identity and their involvement at the 2013 Boston Marathon where two homemade bombs made with domestic pressure cookers killed 3 people and injured over 140, many lost one or two limbs, and the race to find the scumbag responsible for this massacre was on, not just by the FBI every citizen was cooperating, searching for every image, video that could point them to the right direction.

And it was like that we found two young men, one Yassine Zaimi was wearing an all black sports wear, a white baseball cap and a backpack, he was stating next to other guy identified as Salah Barhoum was wearing a blue windbreaker and a bag. Both were labeled “Beg Men” by the NY Post today.

Salah Barhoum said he saw his face in the papers and all over the internet, he was worried, couldn’t sleep and after he talked to a friend he decided the smarter thing to dowas to go talk to the police and clear his name.

After 20 minutes talking he was allowed to go home, but he is still worried, not about the cops but about people thinking he is a killer..

“I want people to know I wasn’t behind this I was just there to watch and enjoy the marathon, like everyone else,. A lot of people have bags, not just me. I thought, ‘Why me?’” Barhoum said, adding that he was carrying only gym clothes and sneakers in his bag.

“The only thing they look at is my skin color and since I’m Moroccan I’m kind of dark,” he said. “Last night I couldn’t sleep. Just thinking about the consequences. What are people going to say and what the result is going to be.”

“People are definitely going to be looking for me just to hurt me. It’s too much. It’s such a disaster. To be blamed for all that injury and death. It’s the worst,”

Moroccan native 17-year-old Eddine Barhoum was born Salaheddin barhoum aka Salah Barhoum and Sala Bassire is an track star athlete at his high school, he works at a Subway and lives in Revere, Mass.

My name is Salaheddin barhoum, I’m a runner in revere MA, I been doing this since I was 12 years and I enjoy it , I run for momentum athletic club as wall as revere high school track team . I feel great when I run with clubs more than when I run with school because clubs take it serious and the coaches have more techniques to teach their athle and I love it .im Moroccan and I started doing track in Morocco .My dream is to get to the level where everybody who works hard deserve .and  I want to say thank you to the people who supported me in this.


Salaheddin barhoum

Salah’s friend at the Boston Marathon is 24-year-old Yassine Zaimi  a track coach, former Revere High School student and currently studying investment banking at Cambridge University.