Easy Nutella Two Ingredient Cake Recipe Going Viral

Nutella Cake Recipe

Living in 2019? Then you are in luck because you will not find another Nutella cake recipe easier to make, than the one we have for you!

This Nutella cake recipe has gone viral for a few reasons including that you only need two ingredients out of your pantry and it will only take 30 minutes out of your busy day to make.
We have to give props to its creator, Andrea Soranidis -who came up with the easy dessert since she was looking to make something delicious in less than an our.
Soranidis who comes to us from the UK and Germany -shared what she called the ‘magic’ and ‘rich’ dessert on her culinary blog, The Petite Cook.

Nutella Cake Recipe

‘This cake comes together in less than 30 mins, it’s totally fool-proof, and it also happens to be gluten-free,’ Andrea wrote on the recipe.
Best of all, most likely you already have all you need at home; because who doesn’t have a few eggs and Nutella, right!

Time to take note!
1. To start with, preheat the oven to 175C so it’s ready to bake as soon as you’re finished mixing the ingredients.
2. Then add 5 eggs into a stand mixer and whisk on a medium-to-high speed for about five minutes or until the eggs are pale and airy.
3. Next, pour the Nutella into a large heatproof bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds.
4. Pour a third of the egg mixture into the bowl with the Nutella and gently mix until they’re well combined. Use a regular spoon for this and not the stand mixer and repeat the process for another third of the eggs and then the final third.
5. Once finished grease a cake pan with oil and fold in some baking paper so it doesn’t stick. Then pour in the cake mixture and bake for 20-25 minutes.

You should end up with a light and deeply rich -gooey in the middle -cake; which will wow your holiday guests.