Douglas Brunt- Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly’s Husband

douglas brunt and megyn kelly 4 pic

Douglas Brunt and Megyn Kelly were set up on a blind date when Megyn had begun working for Fox News Channel in Washington DC as a Supreme Court correspondent. They met at a Washington tapas bar. Megyn liked that he came across as a sincere person interested in what she had to say. He was clever and had a sense of humor.

Megyn had been previously married to Daniel Kendall but divorced in 2006. Douglas was President and CEO of Authenium, Inc., and worked in New York. They kept up the long distance relationship and thrn Megyn was moved to the New York station as anchor. That sealed the deal. He proposed and they were married on March 1, 2008. It was Doug’s first marriage. They now have three children, a boy Yates, 4, a girl, Yardley who is two, and a baby boy Thatcher.

Doug began in money markets before starting up his internet security company, Authentium. He quit his job as CEO there in 2011. He used stories heard from his friends on Wall Street, fictionalized them and wrote a book, “The Ghosts of Manhattan”.

His wife seems to be having problems with comments she made on her Fox show. Maybe she should think a little harder before speaking.


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