Dorothy Bruns Brooklyn driver that killed two children

Dorothy Bruns

Dorothy Bruns is a Rosebank resident who was driving at a Park Slope intersection on Monday afternoon when she lost control of her car killing two small kids.

The driver is said to have suffered a seizure which ultimately caused her to fatally hit the children of Lauren Lew and Ruthie Ann Blumenstein, while standing at a Brooklyn street corner. The victims have been named as four-year-old Abigail Blumenstein and 1-year-old Joshua Lew. Both women were also injured.

Dorothy Bruns

The Brooklyn crash has caused controversy as Bruns has not been charged with a crime, despite having her car cited four times in the last two years for running red lights. In fact, records show 12 recent summonses issued to the vehicle of Dorothy Bruns. The thing is none of the violations were personally issued to Bruns — but rather to the vehicle, so there is no way to be certain that Bruns was responsible or at the wheel when the summonses were issued.

The 44-year-old isn’t completely off-the-hook just yet since an investigation is underway. Witnesses say she was fresh as a daisy following the crash. However, a neighbor stated she’s had serious health issues, including a heart attack.

Bruns allegedly suffers from multiple sclerosis, which can increase the chances for a person to suffer from seizures. Her neighbor, Mark Torres told the NY Daily News ‘she was hunched over, walked slow, slurring her words.’ He added, “She had a few strokes and a heart attack within a year.”

Footage shows Dorothy Bruns stopped at the light before advancing into the intersection and then accelerating into the victims on Fifth Ave. and Ninth St. The little boy’s stroller was dragged 350 feet by the white Volvo.

One of the victims, Ruthie Ann Blumenstein is a theater actress known as Ruthie Ann Miles. She won the 2015 Tony for best featured actress for her work in “The King and I.”