Donna Kay Scrivo- Monstrous Michigan Mom who Killed and Dismembered own son

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This is news seems taken from a horror movie, a mother killing her own son, then chopped him into pieces, placed pieces of his body in plastic bags and dumped on the side of the road, makes me sick to my stomach, sadly this is not fiction but the story of Donna Kay Scrivo, the Michigan mom arrested for killing her son Ramsay Scrivo, dismembering him and then throwing away the remains in several garbage bags.

Sources close to Donna Scrivo said she and her family had been going thru  difficult times, her husband Daniel Scrivo passed away in May 2013 and in July, there was a fire at Donna Scrivo’s home on Rosedale. While repairs were made to her home, Donna  had been staying with Ramsay Scrivo in his home on Gary Lane.

Daniel Scrivo’s death left Ramsay, 32, devastated, and unstable. He was diagnosed with psychosis and threatened to hang himself when his father’s death, but that was not all Ramsay’s was struggling with, he was on probation out of 40th District Court for assault, he continued to refused to take his medications and had paranoia and depression. His mom Donna, a registered nurse was granted guardianship of her son in May; she had recently filed a mentally ill petition for hospitalization for her son in Macomb County Probate Court, which Ramsay had already agreed to.

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ramsay scrivo

32-year-old Ramsay Scrivo was born on May 10, 1981, he graduated in 1999 from De La Salle Collegiate High School on Warren, Michigan. He had a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Wayne State University. According to his LinkedIn profile he was currently working as a staff accountant at Allstate Insurance.

Donna Kay scrivo bio

60-year-old Donna Scrivo was born Donna Kay Chaffin on February 4, 1954, she was married to the late Daniel Scrivo with whom she had two sons, Jason, 35, and Ramsay, 32. Donna Scrivo worked as a Director of Clinical Services at Resources Transition.

On January 27, Donna Scrivo had filed a missing person’s report on Ramsay Scrivo. Around that same time Michigan police launched an extensive hunt on Thursday after witnesses spotted a “heavy-set” person throwing the bags from an SUV, a surveillance footage from a store put a woman, believed to be Donna, in the area around the time the body parts were dumped.

Donna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother-pic

Donna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother-picsDonna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother-pictureDonna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother-pictures

According to witnesses, they saw Donna was seen carrying black garbage bags out of her son’s home in the 23000 block of Gary Lane and placing them into a silver Chevrolet Blazer, according to Eidt. Ramsay’s blood  was also reportedly found in that car.

Donna Kay Scrivo mugshotDonna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother picturesDonna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother photo
Donna Kay Scrivo ramsay scrivo mother photos

Donna was arrested into the Macomb County Jail on a charge of open murder Sunday, she was ordered held on a $100,000 bond.