Donna Johnson Shooter Micah Johnson’s White Stepmother

Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson is the stepmother of Dallas shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson. Her 25-year-old stepson told negotiators he wanted to kill white cops, to our surprise, his stepmother, Donna Johnson happens to be a Caucasian female.

According to her social media info, Donna Johnson who also goes by Donna Ferrier Johnson is an English Teacher at Dallas ISD. She previously worked for Garland ISD.

According to her LinkedIn, Donna Johnson hold a General business degree from Missouri Southern State University –which she attended from 1974-1976. She also holds an Interiro Design certificate from Johnson County Community College and a Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education and Teaching from Southwest Missouri State University.


Prior to her teaching career, she worked as a salesperson and advertising assistant. She began teaching in 2001 at Richardson Independent School District. In 2004 she worked as a classroom teacher at Dallas ISD and has been an English teacher since 2014.


Donna Johnson is the second wife of James Johnson –Micah’s father. Her husband was previously married to Delphene Johnson with whom he fathered Micah’s siblings, brother, Tevin and sister, Nicole.

The stepmom, Donna Johnson was clearly proud of Micah Xavier Johnson as she shared pictures of her step-son in uniform on her Facebook page.

But that was all before 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson –a soldier in the reserves who had served a tour of duty in Afghanistan –killed five Dallas police officers and injured several others.

Her step-son held an hours long siege in which he revealed he acted alone and that he was upset over the killings of black people by police officers. His social media activity suggests Micah had become interested with black militant groups. On Facebook, he identified himself as a black nationalist.

Pictures on Facebook suggest that James Johnson, Donna’s husband and Micah’s father was also in the military.
Micah’s sister Nicole also expressed her anger at the tense relationship between police and the African-American community. She posted on Facebook her frustration about the death of Alton Sterling.

Stunned at her brother’s actions, Nicole Johnson wrote after the shooting: “I keep saying it’s not true,”

“My eyes hurt from crying. Y him??? And why was he downtown.”