Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman is the longtime wife of Duane Lee Chapman –best known as ‘Dog the bounty hunter.’

Beth’s husband gained popularity after he appeared on the TV series ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter –which ran for eight seasons. Beth and Dog later appeared on ‘Dog and Beth on the Hun’ –which aired from 2013 until 2015.

Born February 2, 1953; the Denver, Colorado native claims to have captured over 6,000 fugitives –over his decades long career. Chapman actually served time in jail for a murder back in the 70’s. After he got out he vowed to redeem himself by operating on the right side of the law. Not a bad life after all since he owns several bonding companies between Colorado and Hawaii.

Over the course of his career, Chapman has become something of a legend, with a list of fugitives that includes Quinton Wortham, the Capital Hill rapist; William Scatarie, white supremacist and convicted murderer of Denver radio shock jock Alan Berg.

Dog has been married four times and is the father of at least 12 kids. He first married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt in 1972. The two however divorced in 1977. The couple had two kids together, Duane Lee and Leland.

He married Lyssa Rae Brittain in 1982, but they divorced in 1991. His second marriage produced three children Barbara, Tucker and Lyssa. His daughter Barbara died in 2006.

Third wife is, Tawny Marie –whom he married in 1992 and divorced two years later. They did not have any children together.


He had met current and fourth wife, Beth –when she was 19 –they kept an on and off relationship until they moved together in 1995.

Beth was born Alice Elizabeth Smith on October 29, 1967 in Denver, Colorado. She is the mother of two kids from previous relationships: Dominic and Cecily–born form her marriage to Keith A. Barmore. She and Dog finally tied the knot in 2006. The two have two kids together, Bonnie and Garry.

Beth and her hubby not only joined their lives but also forces as she often went bounty hunting with her husband. She previously ran the bail bonds office and offered counseling to the detainees.

The blonde is well known for being the youngest person to ever receive her Colorado bail license. In addition to operating the bail shops in different states, Beth Chapman is widely recognized as a business woman and social media guru.

Beth who was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017 –underwent surgery to remove a stage two tumor. Her experience was documented and aired on an A&E special. Recent reports say the wife and mom has been diagnosed with cancer again. The 51-year-old had to receive emergency surgery on Tuesday after a mass was found in her throat.