Dennis Papageorgiou Lindsay Lohan’s New Boyfriend

Dennis Papageorgiou

Dennis Papageorgiou has been identified as the latest fella getting down with former child actress, Lindsay Lohan. Lohan who parted ways somewhat abruptly from her former and younger beau, Egor Tarabasov, has been caught partying with Papageorgiou, a Greek businessman.

According to reports, The Mean Girls actress could be celebrating more than just Labor Day in Greece. Pictures of Lohan sporting yet another ring on her hand has sparked rumors of a new engagement between her and Papageorgiou.

Think Lindsay is moving on way too soon? Let’s slowdown for a sec. Lindsay and Egor Tarabasov had been living a serious seven-month romance until drama between the two began when she accused him of cheating on her via Instagram. The situation got very heated, very fast. Footage of a physical altercation later blew up online, when Lindsay was seen yelling outside her London apartment, while crying, that he tried to strangle her. Then the 30-year-old sparked rumors of a pregnancy.

Dennis Papageorgiou is being hailed as the man who rescued her from Egor. Literally. The restaurant and bar owner Dennis Papageorgiou stepped in to break up the spat, which saw Egor throw a drink over Lindsay after she chucked his phone in the sea.

Meaning the now new couple met when she was still with Egor, however things between them were already pretty much over. Lindsay alleged ‘fame changes people’ clearly referring to Egor.

Since her split from Egor, she and Dennis have allegedly been getting closer. The two have been spotted together on the Greek island, for a few days now.


Papageorgiou seems to be an important figure of Greece’s social life. According to social media info, Dennis was born on March 23, 1984 in Greece.

He is the owner of Japanese joint Rakkan, a beach bar and restaurant.  According to its website, the restaurant promises a ‘Nargile experience while Greek and international Dj’s & artists will perform.’

His Facebook page also states he is the c-owner at Hotel Ερμού. Through his social media photos, Dennis depicts a lifestyle of luxury. He often posts snaps of family, friends or just having a nice time whether at a club, the beach or a yacht.

On his Instagram account, he still has photos of a hot blonde whom he seemed to be very close with sometime before. Reports say he was in a long-term relationship with model, Noelle Koutra.

The long haired and tattooed fella also seems to have a sensitive side, while often sharing several photos of his sister and adorable young niece.

You can check out Dennis Papageorgiou on Instagram here.