Debra Tate Sharon Tate’s Sister

Debra Tate

Debra Tate is the younger sister of late actress, Sharon Tate who was famously killed at 26 by the hands of the Manson Family. Debra was only 16 and when Sharon was killed and is currently the only surviving member of the Tate family.

Texas native, Debra Tate was born on November 6, 1952; the second of three daughters. In 1969, her big sister Sharon, was at the beginning of a film career, and married to film director Roman Polanski. Eight months pregnant with their first child, Tate and four others were murdered at the Polanskis’ rented Beverly Hills home. Debra was only 16 and when Sharon was killed.

Sharon Tate, Debra and their younger sister, Patty were born to Doris Gwendolyn Tate and Colonel Paul Tate. Following the murder of Sharon, their mother Doris fought tirelessly to keep her murderers behind bars, becoming a well-known victim’s advocate. Doris died in 1992 after she was diagnosed with brain cancer and died 6 months later.

Debra Tate

After the death of Doris, Debra and Patty took over her work. Like her mother, Debra has dedicated her life to keep the crazed Manson cult members behind bars. She wrote the book, Sharon Tate: Recollection, to honor her sister’s memory.

Debra’s other sister Patty, died of breast cancer at 42 leaving behind 3 children. Her father, died of congestive heart disease. According to a GoFundMe page, Debra herself is also suffering from breast cancer. She was diagnosed earlier this year.

Debra Tate who is the mother of one daughter, use to own an animal sanctuary she opened up to at risk youths in hopes of steering them in the right direction. She is also completely deaf in one ear as result of a bomb which exploded in a mailbox she was tending to during the time she worked for the US Postal Service. The incident that took place back in 2000, sent her flying onto the street and leaving her with an injured back and completely deaf in one ear. She has been on a skeleton disability since then.

The 65-year-old recently shared her comments following the death of Charles Manson, saying she ‘said a prayer, shed a tear, stuck a flower under my cross in my bedroom and emailed Roman (Polanski)’

Debra also told outlets: “I’ve processed through all of my hate for him. Hate isn’t health. It won’t bring my sister back,” “One could say I’ve forgiven him, but there’s a difference between forgiving and forgetting.”

On social media, the lovely blonde describes herself as author, victims advocate and humanitarian.

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